If you choose to report anonymously, please do not disclose any identifying information about yourself or the person whose behaviour you are reporting. Any identifying information will be deleted from the system in accordance with our privacy notice.

What happens when someone makes an anonymous report?

  • The report will be viewed by a dedicated staff member from Student Conduct & Appeals.
  • They will first review the report to identify any risks that relate to duty of care. If no immediate risk is identified, no further direct action will be taken. 
    • If any identifiable information is provided, the staff member will then remove the identifiable information in line with our privacy notice. 
  • The de-identified information kept will be for trend analysis used to inform proactive prevention. 

What action can you take from anonymous reports?

Information provided within anonymous reports will be used as statistical data to understand what is happening and to inform proactive prevention work. We will work with areas identified to address any concerning trends. However, no action will be taken in individual cases and we will not be able to provide you with any response.

What is the difference between anonymous reports and reporting with contact details?

King's does not know who has made an anonymous report and therefore cannot reach out and provide support. We are also unable to investigate anonymous reports. If you would like to receive a referral for support, or consider informal or formal options to address a concern, you would need to make a named report.

There are two ways you can tell us what happened